Price $995.00
One-Time Cost, No Contracts
Hardware Add-On $595

Quick Information
  • Works with an existing GPS
  • Windows and Mac OS compatible
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Automatic airport identification
  • Tracks flight times
  • Tracks maintenance times
  • Counts full and abbreviated cycles
  • Track component life, AD's, SB's
  • Free minor updates (i.e. 2.0 to 2.1, etc.)
  • No contracts, no annual fees
  • FAA-PMA-STC approved
  • AML of over 750 aircraft

I donít need to keep
a cycle count. Do I?

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Mike Moore, Technical Services Manager

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Cost-Effective Aircraft Maintenance Tracking
Regardless of what type of aircraft you operate, good maintenance tracking is a necessity in order to stay on top of scheduled work and to protect the value of your aircraft. With the rising costs of today's aircraft operation, using the right tool for the job is more important to your bottom line than ever. We would like to introduce you to TimeTrac, our answer to maintenance tracking for operators of piston, twin or turboprop aircraft.

Fully-Integrated Hardware and Software
What makes TimeTrac unique among the list of maintenance tracking products, is that it is comprised of its' own integrated hardware and software. The tiny data recorder is installed in the aircraft and the software program resides on your personal computer.
  • TimeTrac as many of the same features found on high-tend maintenance tracking products...for only a fraction of the cost!
  • Automatic flight time/data recording of every VFR and IFR flight.
  • No recurring monthly or annual fees.
  • No requirements for pilots to write down flight times or to count cycles.
  • You possess your data and records, not an Internet company.
  • Software that's so intuitive, just about anyone can use it!
Time is Money
Accurate time recording is one of the keys to TimeTrac saving you money. TimeTrac uses itsí own internal clock to digitally record events exactly when they happen.And, for the benefit of turbine operators, it automatically counts both full and abbreviated cycles!

Worldwide Airport Database
When connected to a GPS, TimeTrac will identify the point of departure and arrival. For those locations that aren't listed in the 8000+ worldwide airport database, the TimeTrac software allows you to create your own User-Defined Airport List as well. This feature ideally suits off-airport flyers and seaplane pilots.

Manage Components, Inspections, Bulletins & ADís
TimeTrac allows you to manage and set timers on just about anything.
  • Set timers on hundreds of individual items or components.
  • Track by hours, dates, cycles or any combination.
  • Component text changes color from when a timer is expiring or past due.
Powerful Reports
These are an integral part of the TimeTrac software. You can even customize them with your own name, address, photo or logo for a clean, professional look.

Remotely Based Aircraft? Not a Problem
In instances where an aircraft is operated away from itsí primary maintenance base, TimeTrac has a feature that accommodates this situation.

With just one click of a button, TimeTrac allows someone anywhere in the world to download the flight logs and send the data via an email attachment. On the other end, the receiver simply uses the same feature to import the flight leg files into their application. Thatís it! It's as simple as sending an email with an attachment.

If Time and Money Matter
Savvy operators know the value of good maintenance tracking. They also know how to minimize paperwork and how to make the best use of their manpower. You should, too.

Whether you are the operator of one aircraft or run a fleet of them, time and money are essential contributors to your bottom line. If the time has come to leave your grease board, spreadsheet or fee-based internet service behind, let TimeTrac improve the way you do your maintenance tracking!

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Hardware Add-On $595

One-Time Cost, No Contracts.