Price: $329.00


Quick Information
  • Portable - use for VFR or IFR Flying
  • Simple operation
  • No more fumbling for pen or paper
  • Easy to read, bright LEDís
  • Five brightness levels
  • Runs on either 12v or 24v systems
  • Compact design
Just like the "big boys" use to prevent altitude busts and to reduce pilot workload!
Remembering a heading, altitude or instructions from ATC has become a lot simpler with a Sky Buddy Heading & Altitude reminder. No more scratch pads, no more fumbling for a pen and paper.

Easy-to-read LED displays are used to ensure clear viewing in both daylight and nighttime conditions. The illumination has five selectable levels to suit your individual needs and is quickly changed by pushing the "DIM" button.

The Sky Buddy is made to professional standards both inside and out. The enclosure is machined from aluminum, not plastic, and has an anodized black matte finish so as to withstand years of usage. The product is backed by a 12 month warranty.

The Sky Buddy is ideal for any pilot whether you are a student, private or professional pilot. The number of possible applications is up to your imagination. Whether you fly VFR or IFR, this compact, portable device does it all for you.

NOTE: For a permanent (in-dash) installation, a simple approval for "non-essential" electrical equipment is necessary.