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   Quick Information
  • Normal landing gear advisories
  • Abnormal landing gear advisories
  • Overspeed (Vne) advisory
  • Stall warning repeater
  • Hour meter activation
  • FAA PMA/STC approved
Don't become a statistic. Add an extra margin of safety to your flying!

Flying today's high-performance singles and light twins often requires your full-time attention. That is where the P2 Audio Advisory System can help. It has been designed to be your full-time electronic "co-pilot" and is ideally suited for single-pilot operations in today's busy flying environment, VFR or IFR.

The system provides the pilot with AUDIO (it actually communicates with the pilot through the headset and/or speaker) and VISUAL (through an illuminated annunciator) advisories. It functions by continuously monitoring airspeed and other inputs and converts them into the appropriate audio messages. Whether you are busy studying an instrument approach plate, looking outside, or just conversing with your passengers, the system is watching over you.

The gear warning horn commonly found in most general aviation aircraft is usually mechanical and functions relative to throttle position. As the statistics clearly point out, that type of warning is often too late. According to an FAA Advisory Circular, over 30% of all landing accidents are still due to the fact that the landing gear was not extended. This type of accident can happen to anyone. It only takes a small distraction (especially if you fly single-pilot), and it's too late!

Click here for some interesting reading on gear-up landings.

We incorporate state-of-the-art, solid-state technology for years of reliability. Weighing in at only 14 ounces (the optional Hobbs hour meter adds 3 oz.), the system has a negligible effect on your plane's useful load. Finally, we back our product with a 12-month warranty.