P2 Inc. was founded on a vision to create new, innovative and useful products for the general aviation community. Combining the knowledge gained from years of flying experience along with numerous talented engineering minds, P2 has developed a history of successful GA products.

P2's first product, the 9600 Amphibian Gear Advisory System (AGAS), was developed in the early 90's. This device was the first one of its' kind to market and has dominated the field ever since. It is estimated that somewhere around 80% of the amphibian aircraft today have these units onboard and. The device has also been standard equipment on all new Wipline amphibious floats.

With the 9600 program complete, work soon began on taking this technology to the retractable-gear general aviation aircraft, and the 6600 Audio Advisory System was born. In addition to monitoring landing gear, it sported several new features that are aimed at the high-performance retractable singles and light twins.

The 6600 eventually evolved into the 6601 Audio Advisory System. This new version was developed as a result of the need to accommodate both pressurized and non-pressurized aircraft. The 6601 is currently STC-approved for installation in smallest retractable-gear aircraft, all the way up to the Raytheon King Air 90-series turboprop. Audio Advisory Systems are now installed in a wide variety of aircraft.

In 2005, the Sky Buddy was brought to market. This portable device gave pilots a much needed low-cost heading and altitude reminder.

TimeTrac, general aviation's first integrated flight record management system, received FAA approval in 2005. Over 700 different makes and models of aircraft are included in it's Approved Model List.

Each one of P2's products are developed by a team that knows aviation. Committed to taking their products to a higher level of quality, reliability, safety and convenience, the company is teamed up with leaders in the avionics industry to assure that each product meets rigorous FAA/PMA standards.

"It takes a lot of work and commitment to start with an idea and then finally getting it to market. However, nothing is more gratifying to me than having one of our customers tell me how one of our products has made their flying safer or more enjoyable" says Steve Petrich, founder and president. Steve, an avid seaplane pilot, holds an ATP license as well as numerous aircraft type ratings and has been flying for over 45 years.

P2 Inc. Aviation Technology is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.