"I had a P2 Audio Advisory System installed in my Mooney M20 six years ago, I must now have one in my newly acquired Cessna 210. I really like the notification when I hear, "GEAR IS DOWN FOR LANDING". The 210 is sitting in the hangar and I'm happy to know that one will be installed next week! I wouldn't fly without one."
G. Edwards, Cessna 210; Sturgis, SD

"Your Audio Advisory System just saved my butt and…a bunch of money. Recently, I was landing at KXXX in my PA-46TP and was told to execute a go-around because a vehicle had stalled close to the runway. I applied power and sucked the gear up. Reaching pattern altitude, the tower advised me that there was a 737 on a ten mile final and, if I could make a short approach, I was cleared to land. I accepted. Upon turning a short final (and 300' +/- AGL), I was awakened with the message "CHECK GEAR!.. CHECK GEAR!.." In the heat of the moment, I had forgotten to lower the landing gear! I immediately executed another go-around and reconfigured. Thanks to the AAS, I was spared a very embarrassing moment. Thank you for a great product!"
(name withheld by request), PA-46TP

"Where I fly (west coast), we have a tendency to accumulate a lot of time taxiing. After twelve months, I compared the tach time to the AAS flight time and realized that the difference was nearly 14%! Your system almost paid for itself in less than one year!
J. C. Wardell, Cessna 210 Centurion
"About a year ago, I had your P2 Audio Advisory System installed in my 1992 Mooney MSE (M20J) by East Coast Aviation in Bedford, Mass. I just wanted to let you know that after using it for one year, I think it is a great system! Although I have never had to listen to the message "CHECK GEAR" while on final approach, it is comforting knowing the warning would be there, if needed. Thank you for developing a great product!"
J. Savage, Mooney M20
"The Audio Advisory System that is in my A-36 is very reassuring, especially since I jump back and forth between my Bonanza and a Cessna 185. Because of the simple fact that the 185 has a fixed gear, it is easy to develop a mindset that might carry over to the other airplane. I am glad that I have a reminder in the Bonanza just in case I get distracted!"
D. Portman, Beechcraft A-36
"Your Audio Advisory System is one of the best safety tools in my aircraft. I have had them in several aircraft that I have owned and will not fly without one!"
M.S., TBM 850